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The Integrity Research Group investment process is research-driven. The company has developed a flexible working approach to financial research which is both productive and cost-effective. It combines long- and short-term projects involving internal and external expertise.

In our experience, it is optimal to undertake short-term research projects internally while running long-term projects in collaboration with academia (universities). The short-term projects are usually trading-related and have to be completed within well-defined deadlines while maintaining confidentiality and know-how. The longer-term projects generally address a broad range of questions related to investment processes and prospective business opportunities, and they are a good basis for training graduate students and future employees.

Integrity Research Group ideas have been widely recognised within the industry. Members of Integritiy’s team are frequent speakers at international conferences and industry round tables, covering risk management and investments for institutional, corporate and private clients.


The core of Integrity Research Group expertise lies in the combination of extensive market experience with a quantitative approach to portfolio construction and risk management discipline. The firm culture aims at maintaining the stability of the investment and operations teams, helping to preserve the expertise and development of investment know-how.

Integrity Research Group has a 10-year track record of managing investment products and providing advisory services, with particular emphasis on protective strategies. Integrity uses its expertise in protective strategies across all Integrity products and services.

Our team thoroughly monitors, evaluates and analyses any potential risks that could affect the outcome of an investment.

Our office is located at the heart of Tokyo where you can find most of well-known banks nearby, as well as Inland Revenue and other government bureaus and offices of other professional services. We deal reasonably and transparently with all parties involved in investments (including clients, investors, investment partners and stakeholders) to maintain and promote long-term and rewarding relationships.

Our passion is what Defines us, Integrity is who we are....