Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment management is an important component of Integrity services for private clients. We understand that every client is different and we strive to provide level and range of services suitable for each individual..

Depending on required level of services a client can choose to select one of long-term investment programs run by Integrity or to ask for a tailor-made solution. In the latter case Integrity specialists will take into account specific aspects of client mandate, such as required liquidity, minimal holding period, preferred nature of assets, minimal required income as well as risk-return profile. Tailor-made investment programs can be designed so that they are consistent with immigration investment requirements, selected tax optimisation strategy, pension or inheritance planning.

Client Profiling

Profiling of a client is an important part of the investment selection.Integrity Research Group has developed a proprietary personal profiling algorithm, which is built around simple questions but quite sophisticated behavioural finance techniques to identify suitable for a client investments. This, together with particular focus on capital preservation and focus on customer support, is the back-bone of the Integrity Research proposition.

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